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Recording for posterity
Today? Today was awesome, for a whole passel of reasons. Today was filled with productivity and mint chocolate and orange chocolate and lace and dragons* and finally making progress on a number of stalled projects.

Now I go to sleep the sleep of the righteous who have crossed items off of their To Do list.

* Well, a dragon. I have made admiring noises at Creatures from El for years now. And due to medical school shenanigans, I (quite happily) forwent presents for the year. Only I got into the Wonderful School of Wonderfulness in Wonderville and was able to cancel around half my interviews. Each interview is easily $300 of travel, so that's a whole bunch of money saved, which is yay-worthy enough on the face of it. And then what should arrive in the mail today but a mysteeerious package all the way from Canada and it contained a dragon, my very own sparkly, twisty dragon. I may have actually flailed like a muppet, before calling my parents and doing the verbal equivalent. (At least I didn't swear.) And lookit his ears! His big bunny ears! Ladies and gentlemen, I am the proud owner of a lop dragon. I shall call him Mr. Flopsy. He should probably have a more dignified name, but it's the sort of name that once thought cannot be unthought and now he's stuck as a Mr. Flopsy.

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Holy wow, those are beautiful.

Makes me want to bust out the sculpey, but I am too wise and know that would only end in tears.

The pictures do not lie. They are just that mind-bogglingly gorgeous in person.

That is pretty nice. They don't reimburse you for travel? Ouch.

Ahahahayeah. Medschool interviews, you pay for everything. I was gobsmacked (and not a little peeved) when one of the other conservatory students who's applying for PhD programs mentioned casually that he gets reimbursed for travel on his interviews and essentially wined and dined as the schools wooed him. Medical schools expect to pay through the nose for the privilege of being invited to visit them and get grilled for a day.

Re: your other comment and the lag between saying you'll do something and doing it.

I'm the same way about communication, so I understand where you're coming from. I can like a person, enjoy their company, enjoy talking to them, and still put off calling or writing as long as possible. Classic introverts like me - and I'm betting you - can have fun being social, but it's draining rather than energizing the way it is for an extrovert. We're both busy and you're dealing with a lot, so when you have the time and inclination you're free to shoot me an e-mail.

I finally decided to sit down today, and write out a long email to you...and then I realized I couldn't find your email address! Now I feel like quite the fool.

No need to feel like a fool, I keep my e-mail off the web on purpose. I sent a note to the e-mail address listed on your livejournal profile, so hopefully you got that. If that account's not active, what's a good address to reach you?

Ack, yeah, that hasn't been working since like 2007. I'm

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