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Breaking news: Sleep is good!
Some of my classmates can function on no sleep. They brag about all-nighters, or ruefully admit that they only got nine or so hours for the past three days total. I cannot do that. At all. I need seven to eight hours minimum to function normally. Deprive me of sleep and I end up wandering around in a daze all day feeling like I'm half-anesthetized, and it's just more efficient to lose two hours of work to get the sleep I need than to lose an entire workday because I can't string a coherent thought together above the "Fire bad. Tree pretty" level.

So for the past week Unavoidable Circumstances have made me break one of my cardinal rules and I've only been snagging half of what I need. The results have been...well. I ended dozing off repeatedly during an orchestra rehearsal while the brass were thundering Mahler loudly enough to shake the floor. This was not voluntary, this was literally being unable to keep my eyes open. Pinching myself didn't work. Trying to keep moving a bit didn't work. I kept on counting measures while sinking in and out of sleep and somehow managed to always jerk myself awake just in time to make my entrances. It ended up being a surreal sort of push-and-pull between states of consciousness. That was fun! I never want to do it again.

And after nearly a week of only getting three to five hours of sleep a night, six hours feels fantastic. I'm not staggering around all zombified! Complex concepts like "putting on pants" and "brushing teeth" no longer require extensive consideration before being enacted! A girl could get used to this.


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