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On the subject of Persian cats
My general stance on Persian cats is that they're abominations, but in a bizarrely adorable way. They're so far on the ugly spectrum that they come back around to cute, like those weird, perpetually wheezy little dogs with the goggly goldfish eyes. I look at their squashy flat faces and their permanently concussed expressions and they're so hapless, so obviously unfit for survival, that a primal "Awww" of pity and amusement rises up in my breast. Also, I kind of want to shear them like tiny meowing sheep.

The best thing is, the more deformed a Persian gets, the more it's seen as an exemplary member of the breed. For example, the Cat Fancier's Association named this Best Cat (of all possible cat breeds in the entire show) for the 2008-2009 show season:
Bestest Cat EVAR

Yes, I know, it doesn't even look like a cat, it may not even have legs under that fur, but who cares? I cannot be in a bad mood when I look at that picture. Even thinking about it can be enough reduce me to hysterical giggles. It's like a mop with teensy little ears and big, big orange eyes staring out at you with all the confused woe in the world. No matter how bad you have it, at least you are not that cat.

All of that is a very long introduction to a revelation I received courtesy of ginmar: Persian kittens are cute. Not so-ugly-it's-cute, just plain adorable. Mind-bogglingly so. Moreso that other cat breeds. All of the features that make them such hilarious monstrosities as adults - their big round eyes, their squished faces, their overabundance of fur - makes them weapons grade cute kittens.

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(Don't you want to snuggle him and luff him and tell him that inner beauty is what really counts? And maybe use him to clean the floor?)

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